Xmas events on Metin2


It's christmas and Metin2 has a special gift for you!

An ongoing event that starts on December 17, 2012 and last until January 7, 2013. 21 days of fun gifts and many adventures awaits any player who will follow these events.

Event Details

The event will start on 17.12 at 12.00 (CET) and it lasts 21 days!
When the event will be activated, Santa Claus and the Xmas Tree will appear in the first village of every kingdom. If you speak with Santa, you will be able to receive the Mulled Wine from him and activate a quest.

Mulled Wine

You can get the Mulled Wine, once every 24 hours. Santa Claus will give you 1 package of 6 Mulled Wine each time. Mulled Wine works like a potion, it lasts 30 minutes and give 10% movement bonus, 5% damage, 10% experience bonus. Be carefull to not die when you activate it, because the effect will disappear. If you do not use the Mulled Wine it will disappear after 20 hours.


Once a day, when you activate the Stocking Quest, Santa Claus will give you a companion: Bambi (non tradeable).Bambi (also available in IS) lasts 2 hours, provide you a bonus +15 on your attack value and 1500 HP bonus. If you will kill monsters while you are using it, you can have the possibility to drop Stockings (non tradeable, non storable, non stackable) from the monster of your level. You can give 5 Stocking to Santa Claus every day and he will reward you with a Christmas Chest.

Christmas Chest

Christmas Chest hide a surprise, you can open it once and find one of the following gitfs: Enchant Item, Reinforce Item, Scroll of Correction, Spirit Stone Scroll, Blessing Scroll, Fruit of Life, Soul Stone, Potion of Haste (3 units) or 10-, 20-, 30-, 50- or 100,000 Yang.

During the 21 days of the event, if you are really lucky, you will also have the possibility to get a Reindeer Certificate. This special certificate wil be hidden in Metin Stones and Bosses every day between 14.00 (CET) and 18.00 (CET). Therefore all other Power Mount drop will be disabled during the Xmas Event.


17.12.2012 Xmas Event starts (12.00 CET)
24.12.2012 from 09.00 (CET) for 24 hours – Hexagonal Box Event
24.12.2012 from 20.00 (CET) for 4 hours - Event Helper and night
24.12.2012 from 20.00 (CET) for 24 hours - Experience Bonus 25%
25.12.2012 from 20.00 (CET) for 4 hours - Event Helper and night
26.12.2012 from 18.00 (CET) for 6 hours – Moonlight Box Event
31.12.2012 from 20.00 (CET) for 4 hours - Event Helper and night
31.12.2012 from 20.00 (CET) for 24 hours - Experience Bonus 50%
01.01.2013 from 20.00 (CET) for 4 hours - Event Helper and night
06.01.2013 from 15.00 (CET) for 12 hours – Moonlight Box Event
06.01.2013 Xmas Event ends (23.59 CET)

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