World of Tanks: Details about version 8.4

World of Tanks

Wargaming, the creators of World of Tanks announced details about the upcoming update of the game to version 8.4. The new update will expand the roster of in-game tanks, including new tank destroyers for the British and Soviet nations, as well as new light tanks for the German tech tree.

In more detail, the new release will allow players to get behind the controls of 10 British tank hunters, including the Universal Carrier QF 2, the most widely produced armored fighting vehicle in history, and the À39 Tortoise, a super heavy assault gun carrier designed to smash heavy fortifications and directly combat heavy enemy tanks.

The Soviet tech tree will also be expanded with the massive and hard-hitting SU-100Y tank destroyer, ideal at taking on the heaviest of opponents. The German tech tree will see the introduction of three new light tanks.

Four game maps will be updated: Steppes, Fisherman's Bay, Ensk and Live Oaks. Finally, for players new to the game, there's going to be a brand-new tutorial covering tank controls, shooting mechanics, and basic combat tactics.

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