World of Tanks - Version 8.2 is now released on the European server

World of Tanks

Today Wednesday December 12, 2012 the new, long awaited update 8.2, of World of Tanks has become online.

This update features many new tanks, such as the new American Heavy tanks, and gives you the chance to  play the revisited version of the maps: Prokhorovka, Redshire, Erlenberg and Ruinberg.Bellow you can find the official announcement of the new update.

New American Vehicles

A new branch of vehicles has been added to the US tech-tree. The tanks in this branch all have a distinctive feature – most have automatic loaders. This gives them some similarities to French tanks in that it is possible to fire several shots in quick succession before a long reload. However, they retain that sense of power and might that comes with all American vehicles. The new branch starts at Tier VI with the T21 light tank, and is followed by the T71 at Tier VII, also a light tank. Afterwards, at Tiers VIII and XI come the medium tanks T69 and T54E1. Finally the branch is topped at Tier X with the mighty T57 Heavy. These vehicles are sure to delight any fan of American tanks and present more choices for strategy in the game.

New Premium Vehicles

Three new premium vehicles have been added to the game in Version 8.2. Two of them are British – the very unusual-looking TOG-II*, which is a heavy tank at Tier VI and the first British Tank Destroyer to arrive in the game – the AT-15A (Tier VII). Both of these vehicles are sure to attract much admiration on the battlefields, so why not give them a go? The third new premium vehicle is a French Tier VIII heavy tank – the FCM 50(t). This beast of a machine is sure to rival the mighty Löwe as the most formidable premium vehicle around!

Four more updated maps

Since version 8.0, there has been a steady stream of updated maps arriving in the game. The four maps which have received the treatment this time are: Prokhorovka, Redshire, Erlenberg and Ruinberg. All of the new maps have greatly enhanced terrain and background effects, making the landscapes seem more real than ever. In addition, the rendering has been optimised, so you should see an increase in system performance even though the new maps are more detailed.

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