Wings of Destiny - Updates and Bugfixes

Wings of Destiny

During the scheduled maintenance of the 22nd of March, Wings of Destiny will be updated with many new events for the easter and various additions to the gameplay. Bellow follows the official announcement where you can read what's new in detail.

Dear players! We will be holding a scheduled maintenance from 03:00PM - 04:00PM on March 22nd (GMT+8). During this time, you will not be able to log in to the game. Tons of great new features and updates are just moments away. Stay tuned!

All characters will receive a system rebate of 2,000 vouchers after this maintenance!

[Easter Day]Event

1 New Items:
[Lamb Chop]: Used to transform into Egglet for 5 minutes.
[Roasted Chicken]: Used to transform into Infernus for 5 minutes.
[Lily]: Used to get a random Easter blessing for 3 minutes.

2 Pets:
Grade A Pet: Micah
Skill: Stealth Paw
Effect: Removes debuffs and allows player to dodge one attack.

3 Easter Blessings
Send up to 5 friends blessings daily. Blessed players will receive an Easter pack in the mail!

4 Crack an Easter Egg:
Crack an egg every day for 14 days to win 30 Pet Eggs. Every Pet Egg grants you a chance to get a pet!

5 New Mount:
Grade A Mount: Blimpy
Evolved Stages: Big Blimpy, Mecha Blimpy

6 Egg Hunt
During the event, head down to Tidal Town, Forrester City, and Hope Canyon to look for Hidden Eggs. Open them to get a Rainbow Shard and a chance to win a Bag of Coins!

7 Collect the Shards
Exchange 5 Rainbow Shards with Elene in Forrester City (180, 80) for an [Easter Egg.]
Open an Easter Egg for a chance to get a Bag of Coins, Wing Tips, HP Elixir IIs, MP Elixir IIs, Mount Catalysts, Lucky Runes, Equipment Essence II and III, and more!
Easter Dungeon: The Land of Rebirth
During the event, visit Elene in Forrester City (180, 80) to access our special Easter Dungeon - the Land of Rebirth. The dungeon unlocks at Lv 30. Players may enter once each day.
There will be 9 Dark Servants in the Land of Rebirth. Defeat them for a chance to win Easter Eggs, Equipment Essence II and III, Lucky Runes, Mount Catalysts, Grade C and B cards, Eyes of Enlightenment, Elevation Stone I and II, Gems, Satchel, and more.

9 Easter Quests:
8 New quests will be added. Complete quests to earn [Easter Eggs].
(Tip: STAR members will have extra chances to run daily quests and dungeons!)


1. Increased the drop rate for Lv 40 Grade A equipment.
2. Added [Hide Costumes] function: Players can hide their costumes by clicking the top right button on their character window. Hiding a costume does not affect attributes.
3. Added [HP Potion SP] item: Use to restore 40% of HP. (Item available through Siege War reward)
4. Details for some materials adjusted.
5. Added "Delete collected message?" option when items have been claimed from mail.
6. Soul Tarot exchange rates adjusted:
'A' Tarots: Slot Points 150 -> Slot Points 200
'B' Tarots: Battle Points 50 -> Battle Points 150
'C' Tarots: EXP 150,000 -> Slot Points 1,000
'D' Tarots: Coins 1,200,000 -> Coins 2,500,000
7. Offline EXP adjusted:
Claim x0.5 EXP for free
Cost of claiming x1 EXP reduced by 50% (Coins)
Cost of claiming x4 EXP reduced by 50% (Cash)
8. Special effects adjusted: Deactivate selection of AOE attack area. (Targeted area will be wherever the cursor is by default.)


1 HP and PT buttons fixed. They can now be used even when the Pet is the same level as the player.
2 4 second cooldown added to Pet HP Potion.
3 Reset times for Summon Deity, Worship, and Training adjusted. Going offline will not reset the timer for these functions.
4 Pet Shop: Pet related items can now be purchased with Blessings.
5 Mall: Valentine’s exclusive pet [Chuckie] removed from mall.


1 An announcement will be made in guild chat to ask members to invest hours when talents are unlocked for research.
2 Event Center rewards adjusted:
Bag of Coins 20,000 - 100,000
Voucher Bag 10 - 100
Gem fragments will be changed to [Gem Box]. Open a Gem Box to get 1-3 random Gems!
New additions: Equipment Essence III, HP Elixir IV, MP Elixir IV.
3 Siege War rewards adjusted:
"Necropolis"reward: [Necropolis Pack] (Glory Scroll x2, HP Elixir III x2)
"Starry Citadel" reward: [Starry Citadel Pack] (Glory Scroll x2, Guardian Fragment x2)
"Olivia" reward: [Olivia Pack] (Glory Scroll x2, HP Potion SP x2)
4 Guild Building construction time reduced by 80%.
5 Repair effectiveness increased by 400%. Repair times are now shorter.
6 Ratio of raw resources to guild development materials decreased to 30:1 (Original ratio was 60:1.)
7 Factory processing speed increased by 100%.
8 Every hour invested will earn guild members 5 Reputation.
9 Workshop: Removed hour investment and waiting time.
10 Some Workshop items can now be purchased with Reputation points: Part of Guild Workshop items and Grade C Materials
11 Shopping Spree in Research Academy changed to Card Fusion. A player’s current level in Shopping Spree will be transferred over to Card Fusion as well.

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