Wartune unveils the Divine Altar


The creators of Wartune revealed the Divine Altar, a battle-orientated guild instance. It is available to all members of a level 5+ Guild, and it challenges warriors to band together and battle against an onslaught of ruthless invaders, to get rewards.

For a guild to enter the Divine Altar, the guild master of a Level 5 or higher guild must unlock it.

Upon entering the Divine Altar, players are immediately tasked with summoning the Divines and protecting the Altar from waves of encroaching Invaders. Enemies attack from two sides of the instance map and advance toward the Altar at a relentless pace, each charge lead by a special mini-boss. Players should concentrate on defeating this monster above all else, as it is likely to threaten the most damage to the Altar, as well as provide better loot drops.

Waves of invaders increase in power and continue to do so until all the intruders have been defeated, or they succeed in their assault on the Altar. Successfully defending the Divine Altar will reward brave warriors with EXP, soul crystals and keys. Players who deal the most damage to invaders while participating in the instance will also be rewarded with bonus prizes, just to encourage some friendly inter-guild competition.

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