Wartune - Upcoming optimizations and changes


There are totaly 22 optimizations for the Wartune world! Here you can read and prepare yourself for the new changes that the update 1.45 will bring to Wartune.


  • Players who at or beyond level 50 will have their skills reset for free
  • The capacity of inventory will be enlarged by 2 times
  • VIP Quests rewards are increased to VIP Tokens*10
  • The drop rate of VIP Tokens is increased
  • Adjustment to Astral selling: Players need to sell astrals by manual operation. System will not sell astrals after 30 minutes automatically
  • The honor received limit is raised to 3000
  • Each player is limited to enter MP Dungeons three times a day. Drops and exp will be increased there
  • Each player is limited to enter Forgotten Catacombs once a day. The Crypt Key can be used for opening boxes and for obtaining more items and exp!
  • Adjustment of Honor received in battles
    Player with higher honor ranking will get more honors by defeating other players
  • Adjustment of Guild Altar
  • The odds have been changed. New items are added in Altar
  • Adjustment in Shop
    It will only show equipments of your class in case that player purchases useless equipments
  • There are new items sold in Guild Shop
  • Event Prizes button is put on the top right corner for convenience
  • Adjustment of Skill QTE
    Some skill QTE keys will be decreased from 5 to 3
  • Online notices have been optimized
  • Item descriptions are improved
  • Players can not purchase or socket gems which are not applicable for their classes
  • Players are unable to purchase equipments that are not applicable for them in Crypt Shop or Arena Shop
  • Animation and interface effect of farm will be optimized, giving you better experience of planting, harvesting, speeding up and “helping” in your friends’ farm
  • Friendliness system is optimized
  • Some maps are deleted in lvl45 MP Dungeons
  • The list arrangement on Blacksmith is optimized. Items can be sorted by levels and types.
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