War2 Glory - Changes to the Special Resource Fields

WAR2 Glory

The following changes to the War2 Glory Special Fields are to due to arrive after the maintenance next wednesday 18 July 2012.

  • Ransacking: The potential amount that can be ransacked will be reduced by 50%.This is a change to the equation that determines how much Res. is ransacked over a period of time, incl. the Pol. attribute and no. of Trucks.
  • Special Resource Fields can only be held for 24Hrs, not 72.There will be no change to the Troop Strength of the field.

These changes are the result of the many complaints of unfair advantages to those who hold the fields, and the affect on Gameplay as we see very large numbers of troops capable of being fed and stored in cities.

These changes are hoped to re-balance that dynamic, such that holding the fields will still give a great advantage, but reduce the size of those armies to something that can still be beaten by a well-organised party of players.

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