War2 Glory - Bottoms up it's St Patrick's Day!

WAR2 Glory

It's a messy start to our St.Patrick's Day celebrations but we're sharing the wealth by giving you guys some new missions to celebrate the Emerald Isle.

Ingame you'll be able to find Clover leaves hidden in resource fields, just pluck them as your seizing and plundering. When you collect 4, turn 'em into a Lucky 4 leaf clover and then you'll be able to swap them with the magical Leprechaun for awesome items.

You should collect 4 of these clover leaves, to make a Four Leafed-Clover and then make a trade with this Green Gentleman.

While playing War2 Glory there are:

  • 5 Leprechaun Equipment Suit items
  • A Pot of Gold
  • Mystery Green Beers. Drinking this can have 1 of 4 different effects!

So get collecting lads!

Event ends March 21/2012, 07:00am (beginning of maintenance)

That gives 7 days to collect 7 items!

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