War2 Glory - 2012 Olympics

WAR2 Glory

At the dawn of the London 2012 Olympics, War2 Glory brings to all  players some special Olympic events!

The games are split into 4 coloured sections, Blue, Red, Pink and Purple. In the real games there denote where the events takes place, in W2G these colours make up sets which have to be collected.

How to participate:

Seize and Plunder: Grasslands, Swamps, Forests and NPC Cities to collect the 4 types of coloured tiles. Exchange a full set for a Gold Chest and Key, claim as many as you can get your mitts on!

Facebook Race:

In order to honour the traditional ceremony of the Olympic games witch includes the carrying of the toch, War2 Glory will be holding it's own torch race.

This will take the forum of a points race on Facebook. As usual, the more points each player scores, the better prizes!

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