Two worlds fused in Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online has just received a major update: The worlds of Dragotaka and Ragnarök are now fused together. Among other updates, there are new NPCs, a new town, a new dungeon, and new pets. There are also 2 new events. For more information, read the following announcement:

New NPC's, New Town, New Dungeons and New Pets

There are many new faces to meet and greet in the world of Ragnarök and they are all conveniently located in the town of Geffen. They are here to aid you in your quest of saving their world and yours from almost certain doom. Will you summon the courage to enter the Orc Field and defeat the mighty Orc Hero, or to enter Glast Heim and defeat whatever unknown dangers lurk inside? Along with this update also comes several new and cuddly critters for you to own, which include 1 new riding pet and 3 normal pets. Furthermore, there are some brand new armour sets for each class, which you can use to customise your characters with and there are also some new achievements to gain which will give you that added edge in battle!

Login Event

To help celebrate the release of our new update we are going to be hosting a Login Event which will allow all players to receive a free "Blue Gem" daily. This is the required item needed to enter the Glast Heim dungeon and it will be given out to all Humans Lv.15+ and Drakans Lv.23+.

Lucky Egg Event

We will also be hosting a Lucky Egg event, which requires our Heroes to gather some coins from the Ragnarök maps to trade for Lucky Eggs from the NPC Deporte in Geffen town. These Lucky Eggs will contain the Bronze and Silver keys that are needed to open the the chests dropped in game. These chests contain rare and useful Materials/Items and Armours that will make your characters stronger than ever before! Bronze keys may also be purchased from an NPC in Geffen town for 1 gold each, Silver keys can be gotten from monster drops and can also be exchanged in Geffen town.

Other Updates

Some new Enchant cards have also been added in this update, they can be received as drops from monsters in the Ragnarök maps and can be used to enchant items and also for the possibly of receiving a random enchant level! For example: a +11 card used on a sword can give you a random enchant of up to +11! Several bugs have also been address in this update, details of which can be found here.

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