Tribal Wars gets updated to version 8.8

Tribal Wars

On Wednesday 24 October 2012, Tribal Wars will be updated to version 8.8, apart from Tribal Wars World 64, which will get the update one day earlier, on Thuesday 23 October 2012.
Bellow you can find the official announcement, as posted on the game's news section

Welcome Page

We've prepared something like your morning newspaper for your first login of the day. A skim of the new welcome page is intended to give you easy access to the essential information from the past days in just a few seconds. Main features are graphs of your personal and tribal progression in the past week, and an overview of what has been recently going on in your tribe.

  • This will be activated in the coming weeks, not on the day of the update
  • It will contain graphs, stats, tribe activity, latest news and more
  • Can be switched off in your settings

Casual Worlds

Tribal Wars is one of the harshest games out there - perhaps the harshest. You can join as a new player, build for a month and have all you worked hard for be taken away in an instant by someone who is better at the game than you. That's the game's legacy, and is indeed for many people, the reason that they play.

What we've added is an option for catering to those who favour a more casual play style - whether it be because of a busy day schedule, they're still getting used to the game, or simply prefer a more relaxed game: Casual worlds.

Casual worlds can be accessed after one has lost their last village in the competitive worlds. Players will be offered an option to take control of a recreation of their last village in a casual world, which primarily features more restrictive attack settings among some other changes to create a more relaxed playing environment.

  • Players can make a copy of their last village on the new casual world with casual settings
  • Casual worlds cannot be joined in the usual way
  • The addition of a casual world will not impact our usual schedule for starting new worlds


Between our last update and now, we've already made several changes to the mobile version without switching version number, such as showing notifications and fixing several bugs. We've got more lined up for 8.8

Mobile General

  • Added queue reordering
  • Improved button reaction time
  • Improved loading speeds
  • Optimised layout on some more screens


  • Added more push notifications choices (inactivity and building completion) and changed defaults
  • Additionally, a stability and bugfix update for the app is in review at Apple


  • Improved performance of overviews and mass recruitment
  • Added auto-complete functionality for player names and tribe tags
  • Own profile can now be set during pre-registration
  • Improved success and failure message box styling
  • Research Manager: added single village handling and status of the RM on Account Manager overview
  • Secrets of Power can no longer be sent to villages under beginner protection
  • Fixed about 20 bugs from previous versions
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