Tribal Wars - World 63 will start soon

Tribal Wars

On Monday May 21, 2012 World 63 of Tribal Wars is set to start. Pre-registrations will be available while approaching the start day.

This world will feature a new morale setting: this new morale setting is similar to the current points and timed based morale system, but allows the player's time on the world to completely override the difference in points. This means if two players start at approximately the same time, the morale will be 100% after a few months even if one player has significantly more points than the other.

Aditional World 63 settings:

  • Speed: 1.0
  • Unit speed: 1.0
  • Paladin: Yes, with new weapons
  • Archers: Yes
  • Church enabled: Yes
  • Noble system: Gold coins
  • Morale: Points and unlimited time based
  • Bonus villages: Yes
  • Barbarian villages: Grow to 3000 points
  • Tech system: Simple
  • Beginner protection: 4 days
  • Tribe limit: 75
  • Other info: Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 100ms. No fake limit. Hauls fully enabled.
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