Tribal Wars - Update to version 8.3

Tribal Wars

On Wednesday 16 May, 2012 all Tribal Wars worlds will be updated to version 8.3. A few minutes of downtime may be experienced on all worlds during the update period, which is from 09:00 to 13:00 BST. This update contains a number of improvements, various bug fixes and minor changes, the changelog follows bellow.


  • Added possibility to re-order your report folders
  • Added filter to not show received forwarded reports
  • Added possibility to add text to display when hovering over quickbar links
  • Outgoing preregistration invitations can now be withdrawn
  • Invited players will be prompted about whether they want to accept an invitation. Previously if they clicked a "join me" link, the invitation would be automatically accepted.


  • Starting recruitment for all recruitment buildings in a single village has been made available for non-premium users
  • Viewed folder will no longer change when you move mails between them
  • Added preview button for editing of your own profile
  • ODA/ODD can be viewing on player and tribe profiles by hovering over the OD value with your mouse
  • Farm Assistant will now indicate unknown wall information with "?"


  • Added additional quests
  • Rebalanced rewards for certain quests
  • Inappropriate tribe applications can now be reported
  • Removed delay from ODA calculation when you lose all troops
  • Added "invite a friend" and "share to facebook" links in various relevant places
  • Invited players will be prompted to join your friend list
  • Inviters will receive a notification when invitees join their world
  • Friend List no longer requires premium to display online status
  • Clarified the various factors that can influence resource generation in the Production buildings
  • Noble reservation reports can now be forwarded
  • Ability to view online status of buddies is no longer a premium only feature


  • Added app push notification option for a full warehouse
  • If you access the Mobile version of Tribal Wars from an iPhone or Android device, you will be directed to a page listing our mobile apps
  • Simplified world selection for login
  • Various layout clean-ups and bug fixes
  • Simplified ranking display
  • Removed notebook docking
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