Travian - Updates & Fixes for all T4 worlds


Travian has announced that the following days all T4 servers will be updated. The upcoming update features many bugfixes, along with some new exiting features. See bellow for more details as posted on Travian Forums:



  • New calculation for artworks with different speeds
  • "Spend gold" for sitters set to off by default
  • New layout hero page
  • Hero progress bars now have "correct" and same colors
  • Hero attributes are always open as long as hero is level 0
  • With every level up of the hero, the attributes open up
  • New icons to show the status of the hero (reinforcing, at home, dead, trapped,…..)
  • "Send hero to adventure" now has its one style and does´t look like "send troops" anymore
  • Complete adventure screen
  • New way to hide or unhide hero, easier to understand
  • Silver accounting tab added to auctions screen
  • Direct input for hero attributes, no need to add them one by one after usage of book of wisdom
  • Easier to change home village of the hero (not really, but that was the plan, we are working on a different solution here)
    => Choose "send troops" => select hero => next => check "deploy hero" box => send
  • Marketplace management tab shows now:
    free merchants,
    merchants with offers,
    merchants en route,
    next trade route at xx o clock needs x merchants
  • NPC trade now only shows "back to building" button and not "extent marketplace" button
  • Depending on level rally point management tab now shows information on more targets or shoot twice options, troop evasion and hero evasion
  • New building how has 3 tabs:
    Infrastructure (main building, cranny, warehouse, great warehouse, granary, great granary, market place, embassy, residence, palace, stonemason, treasury, brewery, horse drinking, town hall, trade office, WW)
    Military (rally point, trapper, wall/etc, barracks, heros mansion, academy, stable, workshop, great stable, great barracks)
    Resources (grain mill, bakery, saw mill, brick yard, iron foundry)
  • If you click on the building spot for wall or rally point, no tabs are shown
  • Buildings in progress to level 1 only show information, and no interaction interface, no tabs
  • Buildings now have more tabs and you can set a favourite tab (marketplace, residence, palace, rally point, treasury and besides the buildings alliance and dorf3.php). If you set a favourite tab, you will always see that first, if you go to that building or page.
  • There now is only one "show more" button, and not 2 as before
  • More noticeable that a building is being built up (level number now is coloured, the text of the building now shows a coloured "capacity after building xxx units"
  • Rally point now has tabs for "send troops" and combat simulator, those are no own pages anymore, but part of the rally point
    new icons for troops movements



  • Players hire players working properly again
  • Natars build buildings on the wall spot => fixed
  • If email address has a capital letter in it, email address change is not possible => fixed
  • Artworks now show correct culture points at all speed versions
  • Same BB code for iron and italic => fixed
  • NPC trade now working correct everywhere
  • Not possible any more to have great - stable, barracks in capital
  • Send hero to adventure without rally point => fixed
  • Task window now working in IE6 RTL
  • Attacked player sees attacking Hero survive, attacker sees his hero die, in reports, => fixed
  • Calculation for next hero level correct
  • Level 3 items now drop only on correct server age
  • Attack on oasis not shown in dorf1.php overview => fixed
  • Trade routs now work correct with different time zones
  • Trade routes now available for sitters, even if they don´t have permission to use gold
  • Ointments now working directly after the battle and heal hero
  • Some small stuff fixed at the auctions
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