Travian - Changes and fixes on all T4 servers


Many changes and bugfixes will be soon implemented on the Travian T4 servers.

The list of bugfixes follows bellow

  • Maintenance at game start
  • Game goes into maintenance for no obvious reason
  • Troops appear from nowhere
  • Troops disappear from villages
  • Troops disappear from training queue
  • All auction events and all reinforcing nature troops disappear
  • Master builder: 2 construction orders are started at same time
  • Reports / battle system: spy report shows impossible data (e.g. 5000000 resources of one kind without big warehouses)
  • Reports / battle system: tribe of attacking troops gets lost, so attack fails and report shows no troop images
  • Reports / battle system: "artifact not found" is shown in report when the artifact actually should have been captured
  • European Championship Special deactivated
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