Travian - Changes and Bugfixes on all T4 servers


Travian has announced that on the following days they will implement many changes and will fix various bugs on all T4 servers.

Check the list bellow to find out what's new.


  • Recruiters don't have to open recruitment page to get recruitment gold anymore. Every 15 minutes ref accounts are checked automatically and recruiters get the gold if the requirements in the recruited account are fulfilled.
  • The option to go back to the old T3 recruitment requirements is removed from the game now.


  • NPC trade: Resources can be created
  • Player hire player:
  • You can get gold from a ref link of last game round.
  • Doesn't work for many players.
  • Sign up time is often not transferred to main page database.
  • Starvation: Troops starve in ww villages even when enough crop was sent. Fixed.
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