The West: Migration is enabled

The West

Migration is now enabled on the .net server of The West, so you can finally move your characters to newer worlds. To migrate your character, log into the world you wish to leave then go to OPTIONS - ACCOUNT - CHARACTER TRANSFER. Choose the desired world from the list available, enter your password then click on TRANSFER. Transfer will be effective that midnight server time.

Please note, with this feature there are some do's and don'ts and some special notes:

  • Once you have moved your character, support will not be able to make changes for you. If you accidentally moved the character to an undesired world you will need to wait the 90 day period before you can move again provided migration is still open.
  • Support cannot revert your character back to the original world it was created on.
  • Using migration for the sole purpose to transfer items from one of your characters to another is prohibited within our rules and a permanent ban will be issued. In the event of suspected violations, a script will be run to do spot checks and automatic bans will be issued.
  • A character needs to be on level 40 or higher to be able to migrate.
  • All outstanding items/cash on the market will need to be retrieved before you can migrate a character.
  • You can only migrate a world character every 90 days.
  • A migrated character will receive 75 bonds upon a completed migration.
  • All characters set on migration will only migrate effectively at midnight each night server time.
  • Please note that the following can not be transferred: Reports, Telegrams, Your current town, Your forts, No compensation will be provided on lost reports, telegrams, town or forts.
  • Registration to worlds 2 - 10 are now closed.
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