The West has been updated to version 1.36

The West

The West has been updated to version 1.36. Here's a list of what has changed:


  • Completely reworked the skill screen with a fresh modern design and some other minor feature improvements.
  • There are three new questlines.
  • Secret feature (More to follow shortly).
  • Migration capabilities (This option is disabled until further notice).

Other features and improvements

  • A new screen design for Settings, Premium and the fort screens.
  • The job "darn socks" has changed to "Attaching spurs".
  • Market search ignores set filters now.
  • Players in vacation mode are not shown in duel list anymore.
  • Players get a report after recieving an achievement via admin fix script.
  • Translation change of "Read" button on interstitial window (only interesting for the players on .net server)

Amongst all these, there are quite a few bug fixes that have been included.

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