The West - Details for the new vesion (2.0)

The West

Even if the launch of the new version 2.0 of The West, we have come across some details of the changes that the version brings along.

As you might know, the new map in version 2 will look a lot different than the map looks now. There aren't only optical changes but the whole structure will change. 

The biggest change, that many other changes result from, is the size of the new map, that it's only a quarter of the current size.

Map Changes:

  • There will still be 3 forts per county, but there will be only 14 counties
  • There will be room for aproximately 2300 towns, not 10.000 like now
  • The towns will have different positions and other distances to other towns
  • Jobs, quest employees and forts also have other position

Migration of towns

No more than 1500 towns will be migrated! The first 500 towns in the ranking will be migrated for sure and no ghost towns will be migrated. Which towns will be migrated will be decided a few weeks before the update already. There will be a fix point in time that counts. From this point of time, town founders will get access to a limited version of the map editor and can check out the positions of the towns. Furthermore they can see the coordinates of town places. After choosing a spot, they can take the coordinates of this spot and go back into the game to enter the coordinates in their town hall.

A few hundred spots will stay free on all worlds so that others can found new towns and alliances.

Migration of characters

Characters will be migrated to the specified town spot while the upate to V2, presumed they are still citizens of a town. 
All players that do not belong to a town will be put to a random town or town founding spot.

Migration of forts

No forts will be migrated, all users will have to build them up again.

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