The Settlers Online features a new trading system

The Settlers Online

Since the last game update on the 11th of October 2012, The Settlers Online features a new improved trading system. Many bugfixes were done and changes were implemented so that trading is now easier and safer.

Here is the list of what's new:


  • Trading was taken out of the chat and now has its own UI
  • You can now trade multiple slots at the same time
  • The amount of tradable goods is now only limited by the player’s
  • The detailed history tab now archives the last 20 trades
  • Players can now trade buffs, buildings, adventures etc. Everything 
    except limited shop items and gems
  • Accepting trades now works instantly, no more waiting or mails
  • You now have access to the filter option to search for particular
  • Players need to be listed as friends for at least 24 hours before you
    can trade via friend list. This is implemented to protect
    unexperienced players from "false friends". Guild members and
    old friends will be able to use the feature immediately


  • An issue that caused zone crashes is now fixed
  • Fixed the online status display for guild members
  • Added missing high level graphics for bowmaker and
    recycling plant
  • In order to decline adventure invitations after 8 hours,
    it is no longer needed to visit the adventure zone anymore.
    Only the mailbox needs to be opened
  • Several text issues have been fixed
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