The iOS version of Allods is released

Allods Online

As it was announced yesterday, a mobile version based on Allods Online has been officially released for the iOS platform, and it's available on the Apple App Store. It is called "Allods Adventure HD", and costs $1.99.

For more information, read the following announcement:

"The long awaited mobile game based on our MMO “Allods Online” has officially been released!

Everyone who wishes can set off in search of a legendary magic artifacts in a famous Universe.

The game has a splendid plot presented in the form of comic strips. The adventures will take place in a world that is well known to Allods players.

Actions of every sort and kind are in store for players on the astral islands: intricate puzzles, battles with enemies, collecting of magic creatures, and fulfillment of special tasks accessible only to the best players.

The "Allods Adventure HD" app is available only for iOS operated devices and is already on sale on the Apple App Store."

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