The Godfather: Five Families - New Tournament server!!!

The Godfather: Five Families

The time for the second The Godfather: Five Families Tournament Server has come!

Tournament Servers are diffenrent from all other servers as they host daily Respect Tournaments with valuable Diamond prizes for the top participants!

Here is the official announcement that includes server specifications and terms and conditions.

How to Join

To start competing in the daily Respect Tournaments, simply click the “Select Server” button and click on the Tournament Server 2. Once you click on this server, you’ll create a new character and begin your journey to the top from there!

Please keep in mind that all new characters on the Tournament Server will start with a shortened 24 Hour Beginner’s Protection.

Tournament Details

On the Tournament Server, there are three different types of Tournaments that will be held:

PvP Tournament = Includes Respect gained by defending your Neighborhood/Cityscapes and by attacking Neighborhoods/Cityscapes controlled by other players.

Total Respect Tournament = Includes PvP and Respect gained from Training, Research, and Building.

Respect Tournaments on the Tournament Server begin and end very quickly– with each Tournament lasting anywhere from 4 Hours to 24 Hours. To view the current Tournament, be sure to check out the Tournament Leaderboards!

Check Your Rank

To check how much Respect you have gained during each Tournament, check the ranking on the leaderboard by clicking on the Tournament tab in the File menu! Please keep in mind that rankings are updated only every hour.

Tournament Prizes

At the end of each Tournament, Diamond prizes will be awarded to the top Respect earners on the Server for that period!

Depending on the type and duration of the Tournament, you could win up to 7,000 Diamonds! Please check the Leaderboard for each Tournament to determine the prizes given for that event.

Prizes will automatically be awarded within one hour of Tournament completion.

Server Rules

This Server is very different from all other servers and therefore has special rules and conditions.

When playing on the Tournament Server, please keep in mind that the server will only be available for a limited amount of time. Once the Tournament Server is closed, ALL Player data on that Server (including game progress and inventory, but NOT including Diamonds) will be erased and the server will no longer be accessible. All other data on other Servers will not be effected.

The date in which this will happen has not yet been determined. However, at least a 24 hour advanced notice will be given before any data is erased.

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