The Godfather: Five Families - Critical Changes

The Godfather: Five Families

The Godfather: Five Families development team has announced some details of the forthcoming patch which is scheduled to be released early next week. This patch is designed to balance the sniper, Butcher and Assassin unit and also contains minor adjustements.

New Changes:

  • Snipers and Butchers will no longer require Contracts in order to train them. Assassins, however, will still require Contracts. Once this happens, all Butcher and Sniper Contracts in player inventories will be converted into Assassin Contracts.
  • All Assassin Contracts will be renamed “Unit Contracts”. When a new Unit comes out, these Contracts will also be used to train this Unit as well.
  • The pre-requisites for training the Assassin will be altered. Training the Assassin after this patch will require a Level 9 Garage and a Proficiency level of 17 in addition to a Level 9 Hideout.

More details are to be released later as the release date approaces.

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