Shot Online offers extra benefits for premium players

Shot Online

Since the last game maintenance on January 8 2013, Shot Online has improved the benefits of Gold Platinum Membership.

Some of the out-dated items were removed and replaced with some of the more popular items among the players. You can read more details bellow.

NEW Gold Platinum Membership Benefits

  • 1x Mageia Plus N4 (100 hole)
  • 3x Skill Fitting Tickets
  • 3x Power Fitting Tickets
  • 1x Recovery Ticket
  • 1x Wallet Exchange Ticket 30 Days
  • 1x FF Ticket II (250 hole)
  • 1x Accessory - Sunglasses (100 hole)
  • 1x HIO Challenge Ticket II (10)
  • 4x Avatar Extension Ticket 3 Days
  • 2x Zodiac Plus 100
  • 1x Club Repair Ticket

Note: Gold Plus Membership benefits will remain unchanged.

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