Shirahoshi debuts in Pockie Pirates: Chapter 9

Pockie Pirates

Shirahoshi, one of the most recognisable characters from the One Piece anime series, will be making her debut in the 9th Chapter of Pockie Pirates, which is going to be the game's latest update, launching this June.

Shirahoshi has a fragile and sometimes destructive personality, though the powerful mermaid is mostly sweet and innocent. Guided by the power of love, her ability to communicate with and control Sea Kings saves thousands of lives. But when her intentions turn to evil, this power has the ability to sink everything into the ocean.

Shirahoshi enters Pockies Pirates as an SS rank doctor boasting great speed, strong magical attacks and effective physical defense. Her active skill, Mermaid's Protection, can restore up to 20% of the max HP for all of her allies during battle. It also removes all debuffs, and decreases magical damage taken by 25% over 2 rounds of combat.

The rate of HP restoration under Shirahoshi's Mermaid's Protection increases with her crew's Wisdom rating. Damage reduction is similarly influenced by the crew's Constitution rating. The more Wisdom/Constitution the crew holds, the stronger the effect.

Used correctly, Shirahoshi is an incredibly powerful ally and by far the strongest doctor character available in Pockie Pirates. Even the powerful Chopper would have a hard time ousting her from a crew.

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