Seafight turns 6 years old!!!


Seafight is turning 6 and will be celebrating for four whole days!

From March 18, 2012 through March 21, 2012 Seafight will be full of birthday surprises for all the mighty Pirates.

Among the confetti ammo and the collectable eggs, there will be some special NPCs to deafeat. Also as a special birthday surprice Seafight itroduces the new pet system, which really brings something exciting to the table.


Everyone will be getting a pet for free  as celebration of the event. Pets although dangerous-looking may proove themselves worthy companions and will breathe new life into the ship.

During the festivities, the pet NPC Crustor will also be sailing the Seafight seas. Collect the glitter eggs he leaves behind, and with a little luck, you could have a Crustor of your own.

The Egg Heist Event should prove to be quite the challenge. An egg will appear on the surface of the water that you must bring aboard your ship. The longer the egg is aboard, the more points you earn. Earn more points than all your opponents and you could win a particularly impressive pet, the Hindenlurch.

As a fun little bonus, you’ll find glitter gifts on the charts that will set off small fireworks when opened.

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