Seafight - Guild Island Update


Seafight will release tomorrow (20th of June, 2012) a new update called "Guild Island". It was supposed to be released today, but due to an error it will be released tomorrow at 9:30 (CEST). To learn more details about what it is about, read the following official announcement:

"Ahoy Pirates,

It’s the dawn of a new era in Seafight! To survive the daunting task of the Guild Isles, you require a cunning display of strategy and teamwork. Gone are the days of comfortably coordinating the fight from afar – the Guild Isles can now be tamed completely in the game. Furthermore, to have a hand in the happenings of the Guild Isles you must sail dangerously close to the archipelago. Choose the right sly strategy to survive.

Once you have approached the Guild Isles, the towers and tower squares will light up. Now you may click them and decide in real-time game action, if you wish to construct new towers, repair old ones or expand upwards and onwards. There is no way around it, to govern your isles you have to sail close. Fending off enemy attacks requires crafty teamwork.

Communication issues between game and website are a thing of the past. The changes are now reflected directly in the game and may be used immediately. This enables quicker decisions and more stable gameplay.

Your Seafight Team"

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