Rising Cities reached 2 million users and announces new features

Rising Cities

Bigpoint, the creators of Rising Cities announced earlier today that the game has reached the milestone of 2 milion registered players. Also, they announced a few new features:

A new daily bonus feature is scheduled to be implemented this week. Additionally, the brand new harvester function will be going live soon and will significantly reduce the number of mouse clicks by fully automating the collection of rental income and rewards. Players can take full advantage of this feature by picking it up in the City Hall.


After introducing two exciting resident types to augment the strategic aspects of the game, as well as creating the city square to provide players with a centralized starting point for weekly and event quests, the first major Rising Cities update is centered on the Emergency System feature.

The Emergency System feature gives mayors the chance to show their leadership skills in tough times by presenting them with various catastrophes and crises to deal with. The initial update was implemented last week and includes the Academy and the Fire Department. Mayors will be able to train citizens to perform various civic tasks in the Academy, beginning with firemen and women. The Emergency System will then be expanded to include a police force and hospitals.

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