Pockie Pirates celebrates its first anniversary with special packs and rewards

Pockie Pirates

In celebration of its one year anniversary, Pockie Pirates just announced its anniversary pack, on top of some other rewards for returning players. The anniversary pack includes two new maps (Marine Ford and Thriller Bark), and an increased level cap of 140.

As for the rewards for returning players:

All previous players, whose character level was 50+ and haven’t logged in for 50 days or more, will receive a rewards pack containing bags of wonderful goodies to help them continue their journey. The pack contains a range of rewards, such as 1000 gold, potions, and upgrade cards. All entitled players will be notified via their mail box; but remember – they must have not logged into Pockie Pirates since Feb.15, 2013 to gain these rewards.

Finally, there is also a game update, which includes new pirate crews, cross-server battle events, a new quick-buy feature, an enhanced warship system, an optimised teleportation scheme for the World Map, and many more new features and enhancements.

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