Pirate Storm: Global Europe server event

Pirate Storm

The Pirate Storm event which was cancelled (in the Global European server) a couple of days ago will be repeated (ONLY on the Global European server) this weekend.

Specifically, it will start on 20th April, 2012 12 AM (server time) and will end on 22th April, 2012 5 AM (server time).

If you want to find out what the event is about, read the following announcement:

"Get your hands on some treasure, Matey!

Sunken ships tell no tales – let the Titanic be a warning to us all about the dangers of pride. That gnarled wreckage is still so fascinating and enthralling that countless teams of researchers still try to retrieve even the smallest of trinkets from its belly.

Luckily you can go diving for sunken treasure in Pirate Storm, too! Your deep-sea diver often resurfaces with valuable treasures – o lucky you. On the day of sunken treasure – from 20 April until 22 April, when the prices for deep-sea divers will be slashed in half – you can indulge your zeal for diving and scour the floor of the ocean for jewels and more. Don’t let this deal get away! Who knows, you may even manage to get a hold of a piece of the rare bonus.

Happy diving, pirates!"

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