Participate in Seafight's July lottery and win amazing prizes


Between 16 July and 30 July, 2012, Seafight is organizing a summer lottery giving to all of you the opportunity to win any one of the following amazing prizes: three 2-week-long pirate voyage for 2, as well as 2 new ship designs.

To participate in the lottery is to get your hands on as many Voodoo Crates as you can – to open them, all you have to do is toss them into the cups in the lottery area. One of the cups will win you a 2-week-long pirate voyage for 2 to a special place that for the time being is held secret!

If you just toss your Crate into the other cup, you will be able to win some fantastic in-game items like: the Leo and Libra bonus maps, 60 pound cannons and one of two new ship designs!

Winners are a sure thing, because every Crate will make you a winner right away. Ammo, items or a Libra bonus map – it’s all up for grabs! Each time you throw a Crate into a cup, you are also upping your chances of winning one of the main prizes. So the more Crates you use, the better your chances of winning become.

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