OGame will be updated to version 5.3 next week


As it was announced on OGame's official forum, the game will be updated to version 5.3 "probably" sometime next week. Here's a list of what's going to change:

Feature Requests

  • Possibility to abandon main planet (next in order of emergence is new HP)
  • Warning if last building slot will be used
  • Offer 'Buy DM' option if using 'Buy & Activate' without necessary DM
  • Account deletion icon linked to options
  • 'To the top' button in ranking

Polishing Stuff

  • Techtree polished
  • Additions for OGame API (localization.xml)
  • Text changes tutorial step 5
  • Missions-ID for fleets (Support for Tools)
  • (iPad) Whole amount of resources shown in tooltip
  • (iPad) Close details in galaxy view with tab on planet / moon


  • (iPad) Missing text in account deletion info
  • Wrong message if not existing url opened
  • Fleet icon on returning expedition incorrect
  • Wrong link in message from auctioneer
  • Planet name cropped in fleet menu
  • Changing messages very fast blocks scroll functionality
  • Wrong message while buying planet field item with one item already activated
  • Display error after activation of buddy item
  • Amount of shown buddy requests not correct
  • Possible to attack own planet with missiles
  • Sorting of new account in ranking incorrect
  • Corrupt pagination in ranking
  • Not possible to share spy reports with alliance
  • Wrong status of buddies without login
  • Incorrect colonization info for position 17
  • Ext. alliance page: coordinates & item code falsely linked
  • Galaxy: event planets counted as colonized ones
  • IE: wrong behaviour while saving / closing notes
  • Icon for rename planet cropped if name too long
  • Doubled player registration
  • Error message if activating DM item while BP item is active
  • Doubled scroll bar in long messages[Bugfix] Possible to open alliance depot overlay more than once

Please note that the game's public testserver is already updated.


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