OGame - Update 5.2.1 is now online


A new update is online since yesterday December 12, 2012 on OGame servers.

The new update 5.2.1 features many bugfixes as well as some minor changes, you can read about them bellow:


  • Possible to add research to queue if preconditions fulfilled by current queue
  • Performance optimization
  • Usability: DropDowns


  • IPad: Problems with event overlay / icon
  • IE 8: switch galaxy requires two clicks
  • IE 8: not possible to open messages
  • Several text errors
  • Patchnotes: HTML list code in incorrect order
  • Fatal error at research
  • Fatal error in game shown after login
  • merchant round bug
  • Missing moon figure on espionage action message
  • Galaxy: When attacking a planet and recycling the corresponding debris field before, the DF is marked as being attacked
  • Alliance circular message: Only 1.999 characters can be sent
  • Phalanx: Title does not change when phalanxing different planets one after the other
  • Eventlist: If you open and close an ACS attack, the entry disappears
  • Eventlist & Fleet Movements: Moon figure shown for target of expedition fleet if Expedition was started from a moon
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