New updates in Space Heroes Universe

Space Heroes Universe

Space Heroes Universe announced some new updates which will go live this month. For more information, read the following announcement:

Squad Up for Fun!

Players are able join one of four epic squads, from the stylish Space Kittens, the action-seeking Mighty Zoomers, intrepid Aquanauts and brave Moon Dogs. There’s a squad to suit every hero, from the adventurous and brave to the curious bookworm! Space Heroes makes it even easier for players to make friends.

New Multiplayer Games

Not only can players activate multiplayer games anywhere with their friends, we’ve rolled out even more games for players to show off their skills. From blasting some asteroids to adrenaline-rushing parachute jumps, bowling, soccer, bubble blasting, naut crushing and more, there’s a game out there to suit every kind of hero and their BFF. With tens of thousands of heroes playing every day from over 100 countries, the new multiplayer games make it more fun than ever to play with friends, old and new!

New Kritterz to adopt

With ten kritterz and even more coming soon, players can nurture their favourite pet, from unicorns and dinosaurs to octopuses and crocodiles. All free players are able to purchase a dog and cat kritter, while premium members have the option of teaching their pet a range of tricks, from fetch, stay and jump. With new flying accessories kritterz can fly with their heroes anytime, anywhere, making them the perfect companion to explore the galaxy.

Groovy Homepads and Style-setting Heroes

We all know that Space Heroes are a creative bunch! There are now ten new catalogs for heroes to check out giving them ways to personalise their own hero with stylish fashions including role play costumes like waiters, ushers and roving reporters. There are also new toys and surprises for your pet kritterz. Like partying at your homepad? Check out the groovy new looks, heroes can make their pad Rock Star, Day Spa, Gamer, Chilled or Jungle themed or create their own. They can even customise the music blasting from their speakers to create the perfect atmosphere for a party with friends.

Parties galore!

With the Galactic Fun Fair Party and Band Competition currently underway, players will soon find themselves swapping their cotton candy and ice creams by the coast for some courageous deep sea exploration with our Deep Dive Party! But the action doesn’t stop there, we hear an intergalactic explorer, the Bubble Bunny, will be coming in March with a massive treasure hunt. Ready for fun? Hop to it!

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