New updates and changes on 1100AD


New updates and changes are now available on the worlds of 1100AD. Here you can read the list of what is new:

Changes and Updates

  • The percentage of mercenaries leaving when the player has negative MP's is enlarged. The lesser MP the faster they leave, as also the greater is the number of deserters
  • Auction can now be accessed through the “DIAMONDS” menu
  • New bonus added to the diamonds shop: a whole lot of 200 000 resources can now be purchased for only 85 diamonds!
  • El Dorado server now has new pictures of: Dark shooter, Black knight, Trebuchet, Kogg, Trade ship
  • Tactic mode saved formation loss bug fixed
  • Resources auto-send bug fixed
  • You can now open and close armies in tactics mode on servers with new UI
  • Some corrections in UI were made
  • The Outremer server has new UI now! New UI comes with all its bonuses and new locations, so we congratulate all players with this improvement
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