New update for Grepolis


A new update will hit the worlds of Grepolis tomorrow, April 16. This new update (version 2.28) features numerous bugfixes and minor changes. Read the changelog bellow for more details.


  • Added a sound for incoming attacks
  • In the trade overview, towns can now be moved after setting them
  • The performances of the farm village overview, culture overview and cave overview have been slightly improved for players with many cities
  • Some of the community requests have been implemented into the game
  • Added a drop-down menu to quickly move messages to a selected folder
  • Shared connections are now shared between worlds


  • Fixes have been made to the live ranking
  • After a failed foundation, the place where the movement comes from is now correct
  • After skipping tutorial quests they couldn't appear later on anymore
  • Fixed some missing translations
  • When confirming the email address and getting gold, no report was sent to the player
  • A player that is already registered to a world could still receive invitation to that world
  • The date of the daily awards was shifted by one day
  • Menu bubbles were not updated correctly when sending back support troops
  • Increasing or decreasing of building levels could go under the minimum level
  • The next construction level was not updated in the building overview
  • There was a problem where players can't build buildings even if they had enough resources
  • The mass mail icon was not visible anymore
  • Background music stopped looping after a while
  • Fixed some quest helpers
  • When writing a new message, the window was closing without warning when jumping to a city or coordinate
  • City links in gods overview were not working
  • In barracks and docks, the completion time was not updated after cutting the recruitment time
  • Alliance forum didn't work in maximized mode
  • Commands overview was empty when opening via tab in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a problem with looped sounds when an error appeared
  • Some awards were missing in the Profile window, Awards tab
  • It was possible to see the god of the town you spied
  • Quest window was getting stuck in the top of the screen, unable to move on low resolutions
  • Links to claim reward after inviting someone was not working
  • Invitation via banner was not working correctly
  • Alliance forum was not updated after using "mark all forums read"
  • There was some lagging issues when playing with Firefox
  • A useless scroll-bar was appearing in confirmation windows
  • Special characters (UTF-8) were not processed correctly


On iOS Barracks and harbor windows were impossible to close

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