New quest in Juggernault: Radway hunting


A new quest have been added in Juggernault. It's called 'Radway hunting', and here's the official announcement for it:

Heroes of Haradan,

the desert is not only a mysterious place and origin of many folk and fairytales in the MMORPG Juggernaut, but also a great location for any young warrior or she-warrior who wants to prove his or her value. But did you know that it's a also the favourite hunting ground of a really legendary hero?

To call Garber Megs a hero would be a pure understatement! He is indeed such a famous Oger-hunter that even the wise and congenial Hedzhin Farlyle mentioned him in his notes. And you, yes you, you have been appointed to be his hunting companion. Oh happy day!

Heroes who completed the task "The way of experience" should once more visit the Hunters' Guild Headquarter in the District of the Sleeping Sands to receive this new mission.

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