New patch for Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

A new update has beed released for Stronghold Kingdoms, adding new gameplay changes in the form of the Third Age, as well as advanced trading and diplomacy features suggested by the Kingdoms community.

With the first game world entering its Third Age, players are handed a set of new gameplay rules to keep them on their toes. The Third Age features increased caps for villages, more parish building upgrade levels, faster honour production and a longer Glory Race. With faster production, fresh alliances and new rules, the Third Age is designed to increase the pace of gameplay even more and give players greater freedom to extend their power and influence within the world.

Core to the Third Age is the new rule set:

  • Crown Princes may now access up to 30 villages
  • Honour production has been increased by 900% for Banqueting and 300% for Popularity
  • Goods have been cleared from all Markets, with prices reset to their starting levels
  • All in-game Factions and Houses have been disbanded
  • Certain upgradable parish buildings can now gain additional levels
  • The rate at which Glory is gained has been rebalanced

Another major feature of today’s update is the addition of several new gameplay features. Suggested by the Kingdoms community and implemented by Firefly, this new update focuses on improvements to the trading and diplomacy systems within the game.

On the trading front, players will notice they now have the ability to save favourite markets and quickly search for the best market prices around them. Changes have also been made to diplomacy in Stronghold Kingdoms, with a new feature that allows users to tag other players, Factions and Houses as Enemies, Neutrals or Allies. To do this simply target a player on the world map, go to their profile page and click on the “Diplomacy” button. Faction and House officials can set this status for rival Factions and Houses on their Faction and House screens.

Several smaller additions to the game have been made including a revamped report system for player issues and the ability for Premium Token players to set a max limit for troops automatically recruited whilst they are offline.

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