New Kings of Kings 3 event: Crazy Whack-a-Mole

King of Kings 3

A new Kings of Kings 3 event called 'Crazy Whack-a-Mole' started yesterday, and will last until the 2nd of June, 2013. To participate, you have to head over to Skarabare (129, 155), and speak with the Mole Expedition Commander, so you can be teleported to the field, from 13:55 to 14:15, and from 18:55 to 19:15, each day. For more details, read the following announcement:

A popular carnival game springs to life, literally, as Moles invade the region with the royal court sending an expedition after them with very large hammers! Join the Mole Expedition to recover the Gold Carnival Coins the Moles have stolen, and be handsomely rewarded!

From May 20th through June 2nd, head over to Skarabare (129, 155) and speak with the Mole Expedition Commander to be teleported to the field from 13:55 to 14:15 and 18:55 to 19:15 each day.

If you decide to join in the expedition, he will charge you 10 Gold Crowns and provide you a special Mole Annihilator Mallet. This special tool is essential for bringing those mischievous moles down! Give it a swing!

You will be teleported to the field where the moles are. Waves of moles will begin to appear in one or more of the three fields surrounding you. Listen to the Battle Field Commander’s call to know which fields the moles are going to appear in.

Attack the moles with the mallet equipped. If your mallet’s durability becomes too low, speak with the Mole Mallet Supply Officer to have it repaired for 5 Gold Crowns/Soul Crowns.

Certain moles will give you special rewards for killing them. You may also encounter some Mystery Moles. Their true identity is unknown, but if you happen to encounter a Mole Mage disguised as the Mystery Mole, look out for their magic attack! To be on the safe side, you may purchase a Magic Guard Amulet from the Mole Expedition Commander at Skarabare (129, 155) to negate the attacks.

As you knock out the moles, you will get Accomplishment points and maybe some Gold Carnival Coins. Aim to get 80 Accomplishment points as quickly as possible and speak to the Battle Field Commander for a special reward if you’re in the top 50! Not in the top 50? Don’t worry, you’ll still be rewarded for your efforts.

If you have some Gold Carnival Coins, take it to the Carnival Envoy in Skarabare (120, 94) to exchange them for a reward.

Things are shaking up! Grab your mallet and take out those pesky moles!

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