New features of the upcoming update for Cabal Online, are unveiled

Cabal Online

The upcoming "Episode 9: Rising Force" update for Cabal Online, introduces some new features in the game, such as a new PvP mode, a new dungeon, and a revamped skill system.

  • A new Mission Battle System will be added - a ranked cross- server 1v1 daily PvP battle on a brand new battleground.
  • A brand-new dungeon will be available, the Tower of the Dead B3F - the most challenging group-dungeon yet!
  • The skill system will be revamped, bringing new effects and skills such as Domination, Silence, Dodge, Pierce, Immunity, Evasion and damage reflections!

The update is set to be released some time during this month (March 2013). There is also a new trailer about the update, which you can view here.

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