New events on the 1100AD universe


1100AD has organized a number of events to celebrate the beginning of the spring!Bellow you can read the details of the official announcement.

Firstly, the 8th of March – a merry and wonderful holiday, dedicated to all mothers, sisters, girlfriends and all other women – is nearly upon us! It is a day, when chivalrous men can compliment women for their beauty, grace, intelligence and temper, grant them gifts and fulfill all of the women's desires! For this truly is what knighthood is about! 1100AD team is also preparing gifts for all the women as well as contests for our valorous knights to prove their worth!

Secondly, we will soon refresh our gift shop's assortment of presents! Joyful spring surprises will await you in the shop for you to gladden your loved ones with a sign of your sympathy!
Apart from that, dreadful monsters and rebellious soldiers emerge from their winterly lairs and fortresses. And where there are enemies – there are trophies! Drop chances for valuable artifacts will soon be increased!

And, of course, we will make the holy Easter holidays as much enjoyable for you as possible

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