Nemexia - Payment system improvements


Here is the list of improvements in the new Nemexia payment system:


Receive transaction details to your email:

  • If you want to receive notification for your payment, you should fill all required fields at STEP 3 of your payment in order to receive notification email from us. You will receive email only when the transaction is successful


Account overview menu

  1. You will be able to see:
  • Your successful transactions
  • Active subscriptions and delete subscriptions
  • History of payment support tickets


FAQ page

  • Information how you can pay in our games and detailed information for most common used payment options.
  • Improved payment support fields
  • Additional fields for each payment option
  • “Check my payment” button has been added before so you check your payment without submitting a ticket.


Improved design

  • Almost each payment method menu has header and improved step 3
  • Earn coins menu
  • Profile and support
  • Language dropdown
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