More details about the upcoming RaiderZ update


We received more details about the upcoming RaiderZ update which is due sometime in February, and we 're sharing them with you:

New Dungeon: Temple of Renas

The Temple of Renas is situated in the new zone Kowen Marsh – a land once haunted by a sinister curse. Adventurers will find dangerous monsters lurking within the temple, such as the sword-swinging Ronin and the fearsome Kuld, whose powerful bite attacks present a real challenge, even for the most experienced warriors of Rendel. With the ability to level up to 40, as well as the new weapons and armour available, players will have the means necessary to overcome all the obstacles and send these villains screaming into the night.

PvP Arena for 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 Battles

In the brand-new Battle Arena, the heroes of Rendel can put their skills to the test in PvP combat. Players can access the arena from anywhere via the user interface and dive into thrilling 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3 battles. On the blackboard, brave contestants can get an overview of all the battles and then jump into the action as they see fit.

Please note that the content update will appear in both the English and the German version of the game.

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