Metin2: Valentine's Day Events


The following news where posted on Metin2 game forums:

It's Valentine's Day on the 14th of February! And our Metin2 team can't get enough of this special day: for our love event we're offering you exclusive items, roses, chocolate and romantic discounts from the 13th to the 26th of February!

The Power of Love!

Sparkling jewellery makes your heart flutter? You think of life as a box of chocolates - and you love surprises? Then log in and get exclusive Valentine's Day items.

We've got the following surprises in store:

An abundance of love: Cupid's Chest contains ten gifts!

For ever and ...: wear the Amulet of Eternal Love - and get Cupid's protection for seven days!

Combat reward: Cupid's Chest is also dropped by Metin stones and bosses!

Small gifts for your friends: get trophies such as chocolate and roses and surprise your loved ones with them.

How romantic: get a 20% discount on all wedding items!

Bonus round: get Dragon Coins on the 18th of February from 8 to 12 pm and we'll give you an additional 20%!

Here some more information so that you can have a better overview of what will happen during the Valentine Week:

From Monday, 13.02. – 08:00 until Monday, 27.02. – 02:00 - Valentine Items will be available in the Item Shop and there will be a 20% discount on the wedding items (local time)

From Monday, 13.02. – 00:00 until Monday, 20.02. – 00:00 - Roses and Chocolates will drop ingame from monsters of your level (german times)

From Tuesday, 14.02.- 00:00 until Thursday 16.02. - 00:00 - Cupid's Chest (pink) will drop ingame from bosses and metin stones (german times)

From Thursday, 16.02.- 00:00 until Saturday 18.02. - 00:00 - Cupid's Chest (blue) will drop ingame from bosses and metin stones (german times)

From Saturday, 18.02. - 20:00 until Sunday, 18.02 - 00:00 (4 hours) you will get a bonus of 20% on Dragon Coins purchase (local time)

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