Metin2 Valentine Items


Here's some information about the items that will be present in the Metin2's Valentine's Day Events.

Cupid's ChestCupid's Chest:

Cupid's Chest is not only filled with love, but also packed with various precious items. It can be opened ten times and will always bestow you with a new Valentine's surprise. The following items could soon be yours: Reinforce Item, Enchant Item, Scroll of Correction, Spirit Stone Scroll, Blessing Marble, Fruit of Life, Potion of Haste (5 units), 20 Bravery Capes, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 50,000 or 100,000 Yang.

Note: You have to wait 30 minutes before you can reopen the chest.

Amulet of Eternal Love :

Legend has it that the Amulet of Eternal Love was forged by Cupid himself. To do so, he collected the tears of the bereaved. The tears of grief became liquid silver in his hands, which he shaped into a filigree heart. He turned the tears of wrath into sparkling gemstones. The power of this amulet protects its wearer from dark influences even when the god of love cannot protect him. The amulet bestows +30% EXP, +10% Attack Speed, +10% Casting Speed and +10% Strong against Monsters as well as +5% max. HP and SP.

Note: Its effect activates immediately after purchase and cannot be deactivated.


From 14.02 till 18.02 (when there is the cupid's chest drop ingame) the mission books, captain mission and all mission that needs the killing of a boss or the destruction of a metin will not work, they will start working fine again after the end of the event!

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