MapleStory Unleashed


MapleStory's new update is called Unleashed, and introduces a revamped UI interface, increased level cap, new dungeons, and more. It's first part is coming out today (19th of June) and includes:


Level 250 is finally here! But what does 250 really mean? It means MORE of the things you love about MapleStory! More mesos, more skills, more power... Prepare for a new era of adventure, complete with stage 3 link skills, high-level content, a shiny new UI, and much MORE!


You're going to need much tougher opponents to showcase all that newfound power, and entire new areas of Maple World have opened up just to satisfy your level 250 lifestyle. Journey to Twilight Perion, a new Monster Park zone, 2 new theme dungeons, and the revamped Malaysia and Singapore regions to flex your leveling muscles and punch some level 250-sized holes in anything that takes notice.


Global MapleStory is getting a majorly revamped user interface! View inventory, equipment, and character stats in one window, auto sort your scrolls, add multiple points to your stats at once, and experience Maple World like never before with sweeping enhancements to the character, equipment, skill, world map, and item enhancement UI!

Also, two new characters will be introduced within the next month. Xenon (coming on 3rd of July) and Demon Avenger (comind on 24th of July).

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