Lord of Ultima receives a new update

Lord of Ultima

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 27th, 2012), Lord of Ultima will be updated. Worlds 71, 73, 77, 79, and 83 will have a downtime of 30 minutes per server (between 8am and 10am), so the new update can be deployed.

The features of the update include the following:

Winter Setting

Exchanged all art assets in the city and region view with snow-covered ones for the winter season. Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here!


- Added price limits for trade offers in the market place with the following min/max price progression depending on the title of the player:

  • Sir – no trade possible
  • Knight – 750 / 1500
  • Baron – 500 / 2000
  • Earl – 400 / 2500
  • Marquess – 300 / 3000
  • Prince – 200 / 5000
  • Duke – 100 / 10000
  • King & Emperor – no limits

Please note that on very old worlds which have the old city/title progression these limit amounts can slightly differ from the values above.

- Reworked the Minister info pages for a better overview of the benefits provided.

- All reports will now be automatically deleted if they are older than 30 days.

- If certain stats have buffs from special buildings or speed up items (i.e. Key, Shovel, Hourglass) the according stat is shown in green for as long as the buff is active.

- Various minor bug fixes.

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