Lagoonia has a new update and a new event


Lagoonia was updated yesterday and hosts a new event called "Christmas at Lagoonia". First of all, here's a list of changes introduced by the update:


  • Some text quests were missing from then game.
  • In some cases, it was not possible to change chapter.
  • The stork’s nest and beacon could not be activated.
  • Quest: In the tailor hut quest, the third task was only completed when the tailor hut was used (not when it was completed, as required in the third task). The behavior of the quest has now been adjusted to match the quest requirements.
  • On the logout page, there was a gap between the background image and page footer.-Some login problems were fixed.
  • There was a missing “energy” translation on the new energy chests.
  • There was a problem where children could receive a wish to talk to someone on a foreign island (and it is not possible for children to travel to a foreign island). It is no longer possible to receive this wish, but if you had already received it this will still be active. Please submit a support ticket if you have a child with this wish.

Christmas at Lagoonia!

For information about the new event, read the following announcement:

"Dear Players,

Sleigh bells are ringing in the distance, and your islanders have been busy decorating your island in preparation for the festive season.

And we’ve got something special lined up for them. We’ve combed the beaches, searched the shallows and trawled the waters to produce a special gift for your island community… the Lagoonia 2012 advent calendar.

On the right hand side of your game screen, you will see a small Christmas tree icon. This is the key to accessing your island's advent calendar.

On December 1st, the first door on the calendar will be unlocked. To open the calendar, find the correct door, and click it to open. On opening the door, you'll find a small present which will be added to your inventory. Once you've opened the first door, you will have to wait until the next day to open the second door, and so on.

You need to make sure you open each calendar door on the correct day in December… once the day is over, the door will be locked. If you are unlucky enough to miss a day, however, you can unlock the door using a small number of pearls (pearls can be found occasionally ingame, or you can also purchase them in a pearl package from the premium screen).

Thank you for playing Lagoonia, an we wish you a merry Christmas!

Your Lagoonia team."

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