Information about Cultures Online's Ragnarok event

Cultures Online

The creators of Cultures Online released information about the random Ragnarök event that now exists in the game. Read the following:

What is Ragnarök?

Ragnarök is a random event that has to be opened by all players collectively on a server within the "offerings phase". As soon as it is open, all participants can step up to the heinous army of Loki.

Ragnarök has 12 levels in contrast to normal dungeons and the individual levels do not have to be opened with runes or seals.

Ragnarök consists of three phases; an "offerings phase"; a "fighting phase",; and a "rest phase".

How can I take part in Ragnarök and what requirements do I have to fulfill?

In order to be able to take part in Ragnarök, your main hero must be at least level 20. Furthermore, you must completely fill the right Offerings Cauldron- "Your offerings goal" at least once. Everything that is deposited into the right Offerings Cauldron also changes the left Offerings Cauldron- "Global offerings goal" and is credited to the total quantity.

What happens to the resources deposited by me, when the Global Offerings Cauldron is not filled?

The resources remain in the Offerings Cauldron until the "Global offerings goal" has been achieved. The resources do not run-down and remain saved as offerings in the cauldron until Ragnarök has opened.

Does the "Global Offerings Cauldron" have to be continually filled, while Ragnarök is open?

No. As soon as the "Global offerings goal" has been reached it is no longer possible to offer. It is only possible to give more offerings into the cauldron when the next round of Ragnarök has begun.

Can I add more run-throughs, while Ragnarök is open?

No. Once the total quantity of offerings has been reached you can only do the number of run-throughs that you achieved in the offerings phase.

Can the Global Offerings Cauldron be filled from tribal treasuries?

Tribes cannot collectively deposit in the Offerings Cauldron. However, you can of course agree upon deposits.

How long are the battlefields open for?

The offerings phase lasts so long till the "Global offerings goal" has been reached. Afterwards you can visit the battlefields corresponding to your unlocked tries for 8 days.

When does Ragnarök take place?

Ragnarök is a random event. Therefore, we cannot say exactly when you will have another chance to enter Ragnarök.

How, then, do I know when the battlefields are available and whether I can take part?

All players will be informed of the current state of Ragnarök via a private message in their inbox. Furthermore, you can see the state of Ragnarök by taking a look at the mountain. The exclamation mark over the Norns shows you that the Norns are gathering again for the Gods.

Why is the amount of resources that has to be donated so high?

The resources are calculated corresponding to the number of active (active are players who have logged in within a certain period of time) players on a server. An individual value is thereby calculated for every player so that the offerings are not too high.

What do I do if the opponents in Ragnarök are too strong and I cannot defeat Loki?

The Ragnarök dungeon is set up for battles with three heroes and is only really possible to overcome with three. Should you nevertheless come to the point where you can't go further, then you can use the "Restart Dungeon" button and go back to the first levels again. However, restarting a dungeon costs you a dungeon run-through.

What makes the set items so special?

The new set items give a percentage bonus to existing attributes as a bonus rather than a set attribute.

What differentiates the blessed from the unblessed set items?

The blessed Ragnarök set items have much higher base values than the unblessed Ragnarök set items.

What initial values/boosts are affected by the %-bonuses of the epic set items?

The %-bonuses exclusively affect the equipped Ragnarök set items.

Is there a medal for Ragnarök?

There aren't any medals for Ragnarök, but there is a new achievement: "Savior of the Gods". For your successful battlefields/levels you will receive, progressively, a general bonus to the production of resources.

Aren't the enemies too strong for some players and too weak for others?

We have adapted Ragnarök, so that all players fight against opponents who are in their level bracket.

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