Independence Day event in The West

The West

The West is celebrating the Independence Day with a new event which will last from tomorrow, Thursday 4th of July, until Sunday, 21th of July. For more information, read the following announcement:

The event is one of the 4 big monetization events we have this year. The basic mechanics work similar like in the events before but this time there are a few changes. Your task is to build up the Independence Day celebration site. There are four things you can build up, the fireworks, the table, the American flag and decorations. To build something up you just need to click on the Construct button, it will take a few hours and after the few hours have passed you can come back and pick up your reward. You can also shorten the building time by two hours by paying 8 nuggets or bonds. Building up the fireworks is free, the other three things cost nuggets. The reward item pool works exactly like in the events before. There are three new sets again, two fort battle and one salary set.

One more feature is the ranking system which has changed a bit. Before the player with the most plays won all sets of the WoF at the end of the event. Now there is a special weapon set (Ice and fire) that only the top player per world gets (Excluding all closed worlds on .net - worlds 2, 5, 6, 9 and 10). These worlds are not applicable to receive the final rewards. The ranking is sorted by building levels while the free fireworks construction gives one point, the other three "buildings" give more ranking points. The more it costs, the more points you get. For reaching different building levels, all players get different items. As soon as you advance one building level you get the first item of that "ranking" set, the next one at 5 building levels, the third one at 10, and so on.

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